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In total there are thirteen achievements that can be earned in bunny clicker, all located in the "info and stats" button. Each achievement has a color (bronze, silver, and gold) and a category they all fall under.

Achievement ListEdit

Owning bunnies

Run rabbit run: Own 1 bunny (Bronze)

Bunniest Home Videos: Own 1000 bunnies (Silver)

You got buns, hun: Own 10000000 bunnies (Gold) [Note: achievement reads own 1000000 bunnies, but it is incorrect.]

Clicking the bunny

That tickles: Click the bunny 10 times (Bronze)

Don't squeeze me I'll fart: Click the bunny 100 times (Silver)

You're cruising for a bruising, dude: Click the bunny 2000 times (Gold)

Bunnies per second

Be vewy quiet: produce 10 bunnies per second (Bronze)

Hop and a skip: Produce 1000 bunnies per second (Silver)

Go Forth And Multiply: produce 100000 bunnies per second (Gold)

Gold carrots owned

Isn't it neat: Own 1 golden carrots (Bronze)

All that glitters: Own 100 golden carrots (Silver)

Zero Nutritional Value: Own 1000 golden carrots (Gold)

The End...?

Freedom!: Complete building the Freedom Fortress. This is it. You beat the game! (Brown)

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